Ultrasonic flushing and injector testing

During the operation of the engine the fuel system of the car is inevitably contaminated not only by solid particles (dirt), but also by tar and varnish deposits. The basis of these deposits are some chemical elements contained in gasoline and their compounds – sulfur, olefin, etc. The injectors of fuel injection systems, working under high temperatures (up to 120°C) and injection pressure (from 1 to 6 atm) are the most exposed to such deposits. The use of low-quality gasoline further aggravates the situation. It makes no sense to ultrasonic flush the injector if the car has turned into a pile of junk. In this situation it is necessary to turn to those who are engaged in  scrap cars removal mississauga.

A clogged injector decreases its performance, changes the direction and shape of the spray pattern, and may even stop injecting altogether. It leads to uneven fuel delivery to the cylinders, lack of fuel in the transient and power modes of the engine. Manifested through contamination of the injectors is a decrease in engine power and injectivity, detonation knocking when accelerating the car, unstable engine idle, difficult engine start (especially in low temperatures), increased fuel consumption, increased toxicity of exhaust.

However, these signs may be a manifestation of other malfunctions of the engine and its control system. Therefore, to find the real cause of engine malfunction, you need to perform diagnostics. Indirect symptoms of clogged injectors can be increased injection time, the difference in the emission of unburned fuel in the power balance test by cylinder with ignition cutoff on the engine-tester, integrated with a gas analyzer.

Considerable experience accumulated by the staff of car-care center “Test-Drive”, professionally engaged in diagnosis and repair of injection engines, allows us to confirm one of the most common faults – contamination of the main parts and mechanisms of the injection system by hard-to-remove deposits in the form of tarry compounds, coke of various mechanical impurities, such as rust.

The most sensitive to clogging are fuel injectors. Consequence of poor condition of injectors can be:

unstable idling of the car

difficult engine starting

sluggishness at sharp pressure on a gas pedal

impaired acceleration of the vehicle and loss of power

ignition skipping

bursts in the exhaust system

rapid failure of oxygen sensor and catalytic converter

higher fuel consumption

Dirty injectors cause deterioration of the following parameters :

flow capacity (reduced performance);

fuel atomization quality (cone geometry and particle size);

breach of tightness (fuel leakage)

For a number of reasons (bad-quality fuel, long periods of idling, frequent and short trips with cold engine) there is a violation of normal operation of

malfunctioning of injectors occurs. The most common cause is fouling and clogging. To combat this cause is used conventional flushing injectors and rinsing injectors with ultrasound.

Car-care center “Test-Drive” offers cleaning of injectors with ultrasound.

Radical method and is designed primarily for those cars, which have never held preventive cleaning of injectors. To begin with the injectors are dismantled and their diagnosis is made with a special machine.

You can assess the performance of injectors by the following basic parameters:


Quality of fuel atomization;


Comparative performance from one set.

Then the nozzles are placed in a special bath and under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations, the working fluid as if “bombarded” the cleaned product and tears off the dirt particles from it. After cleaning, the quality control is performed according to the same parameters as before the procedure. Sometimes, in order to achieve an acceptable quality, the cleaning process has to be repeated several times.

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