Pre-processing of metals

According to statistics, the volume of junk removal vaughan is increasing every year. This makes the issue of its processing the most topical, and the prospects for specialized enterprises – more and more wide.

Specialized companies provide quality services for metal pre-processing. Due to the use of modern technologies in the process of work, all the necessary work is carried out quickly and efficiently. This solves the issues of dismantling old structures and freeing up space.

Stages of scrap metal processing

At first, scrap metal is accepted at the primary point, after which payment is made.
Then the distribution of scrap by profile and type takes place.
In order to conveniently transport and recycle the metal, it is cut into separate fragments.
The material is cleaned of impurities in order to obtain quality raw materials.
At the end of the process, the material is remelted, which makes it possible to reuse the resulting rolled products.
Our company is ready to offer the implementation of all stages of work. Great attention is paid to the pre-processing of metal, because it directly affects the success of all operations.

The procedure consists in the separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Employees of the company are also engaged in:

selection of scrap metal according to dimensions;
allocation of scrap metal according to its chemical properties;
removing debris and harmful impurities from raw materials that can hinder the production of high-quality steel.
The sorting process is usually automated at facilities. This makes it possible to process large volumes of scrap in a short time, as well as eliminating the human factor. Separation

of materials takes place according to two dozens of indicators.

Metal cutting and sawing
An important stage of pre-processing is the cutting of scrap metal. Large items need to be shredded in order to be able to process and transport them. Specialists use powerful shears and plasma cutting technology to accomplish the task. The small pieces are then compacted into bars.

Scrap metal cleaning
The resulting metal bars are sent to a special chamber, where they are crushed into the smallest fractions. This removes foreign substances, as well as non-metallic elements.

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