Many people think about how to save on gasoline, because money is not superfluous. Some motorists solve this issue radically by installing HBO on their car and switching to gas fuel. Also, many people think about cash for scrap cars etobicoke.

But not everyone is ready for such a decisive step, so they are looking for other ways to save money…

First, to save gasoline, you need to have your car was serviceable. To do this, you need to visit a car repair shop from time to time, a familiar car mechanic, or if you are well versed in the components of the car, you can control the serviceability of the car yourself.

Not everyone understands all the subtleties of car diagnostics, but everyone can do some things:

Check the fuel and air filter from time to time. It would seem a trifle, but because of a dirty filter, gasoline consumption increases by 3-5%
Correct selection of engine oil-savings can reach up to 6%
You need to check the condition of the tires. Now you can check the tire pressure at any gas station.
Saving with bank cards
To do this, you can pay for gasoline with Visa and MasterCard plastic cards. Find out if there are benefits when paying with your card at gas stations.

At some gas stations, when buying gasoline for a large amount, bonuses are credited to the card. Save them up and spend them on buying gasoline.

Choose the right driving tactics
Often, the consumption of gasoline depends on how you drive the car. With a sharp start and fast driving, the consumption increases greatly. Therefore, do not press the gas pedal hard, do not brake sharply, if there is no need for it.

Also, do not switch to high gears if your speed is low, you need to switch gears in time. This will also significantly save fuel. If possible, try not to get into traffic jams.

If you are still stuck in traffic for a long time, and there is no movement, it is better to turn off the engine. Drive at a constant speed, preferably no more than 120 km / h. This way you can save up to 30% of gasoline. Do not clutter up the car with unnecessary things — the extra load also has a fairly noticeable effect on gasoline consumption.

Here are some more tips for saving gasoline:

Do not open the windows when driving at high speed (gasoline consumption increases by 0.2 liters)
Before you start driving in cold weather, warm up the car
Close the gas tank tightly and try to leave the car in the shade so that the gasoline does not evaporate
It does not hurt to use technical innovations. Some of them, according to experts, reduce the cost of gasoline by up to 30%.

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