How quickly should a new oil in a car engine darken and is it dangerous?

The issue of engine oil and cash for scrap cars is one of the most discussed in the automotive community, because every driver has to regularly do maintenance in his car. Many motorists worry when they notice that after a thousand kilometers after changing the oil, it has darkened significantly. Let’s figure out if this is normal and how quickly the engine oil should change color?

Not just grease
In modern cars, engine oil is the most important fluid. After all, it performs not only the function of lubricating the contact points of metal parts, but also cools the running motor, and is also responsible for cleaning from carbon deposits and slags. Therefore, all car manufacturers impose very high requirements for the quality of the oil; without this, the engine life is significantly reduced. Many drivers even shorten the engine oil change period to avoid running on dirty lubricants.

How fast should it get dark?
Some drivers believe that if the engine oil darkens very quickly after being poured into the engine, then this is a sure sign of a poor quality product. In fact, this is absolutely not the case. Any modern oil contains detergent components that dissolve deposits on the walls of the engine. This is what becomes the reason for the rapid change in the color of the oil – it simply began to wash the engine from dirt, and there is nothing wrong with this darkening. However, you can reduce the rate of darkening of fresh lubricant, but for this, before pouring oil into the engine, it will have to be rinsed from deposits with a special compound.

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