Connecting and installing the car radio

It is difficult to imagine your car without car stereo. Everyone listens to music while driving, even if they are not music lovers. It allows you to spend time pleasantly, improve your tone and mood. If you bought a new car, not equipped with a radio, it has to be installed. In the case of the standard model, it is easy to do it by your own forces, because it is not a complicated repair of the box robot. And if you have an old car, then junk my cars etobicoke.

When buying a boombox, do not forget to buy a euro connector. It is inexpensive and greatly simplifies the installation and operation of the “car music”.

Before starting the work, arm yourself with the following:

a sharp knife;
insulating tape;
clamps for plastic wires;
Pieces of wire 2.5 mm

and 1 m long.
We assume that the speaker

s are already installed, and the wires can be reached in the panel opening.

Electricity to the radio wil

l come from the cigarette lighter. Strip one piece of the prepared wire and connect it to the cigarette lighter terminal. Don’t forget to insulate the connection. Connect the second wire to “ground”. Yellow and red wire connect to the bundle with the wire taken from the cigarette lighter. Connect black wire with “mass”. The power supply is ready.

Connect the speakers exactly as recommended in the manual to the radio. Each of the two wires connected to a particular speaker is marked with a tag indicating the speaker (front left, rear right, etc.) We make it out of paper, glued with a transparent adhesive tape. At the end of the bundle of wires tighten plastic ties.

If the power and speakers work after all the procedures, it means that you can proceed to mounting the car radio.

Disconnect the connector with wires. Use special wrenches to remove mounting frame from the car radio (first remove the panel and decorative frame, all processes are described in the manual). Place the mounting frame in the panel opening. Use a screwdriver to bend the tabs until it is completely locked. Then connect the connector and put the car radio into the frame until you hear a click. At the end mount the decorative frame m panel. Done. You can enjoy your favorite music.

As you can see, nothing complicated. The main thing is to remember the following:

Before the work, carefully read the instructions, as the marking of power wires may be non-standard;
Insulate all connections very carefully;
If you plan to install radio antenna, its installation should be combined with installation of car radio in order to avoid dismantling the panel again.

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