America’s auto junkyards

One of the main reasons for the appearance of automobile dumps in the United States, is a considerable number of vehicles. Because not many people think to use the service junk car removal mississauga After a complete analysis, conducted by experts, it was found: in 2008 there were 250,000,000 cars, in 2019 the number of cars has increased by 30%.

What cars can be found in U.S. landfills?
The principle of placement and operation of car dumps:

Car junkyards in the U.S. are located within the city limits;
The area is cordoned off with fences;
A parking space is allocated at the main entrance to the landfill, which is under the strict supervision of the security organization;
Incoming damaged vehicles are formed by manufacturer’s group;
Each vehicle is assigned a serial number;
The model and year of manufacture are indicated.
Car dumps are large parking lots of broken cars, corroded metal and broken glass. As an exception, sometimes you can find cars in good condition suitable for repair work. Many cars that arrive on their own are in need of minor repairs.

Sources through which the auto arrives at the junkyard:

Auto junkyard owners personally purchase old, damaged vehicles. The cost per vehicle is $300;
Insurance organizations are the suppliers.
Every American auto owner is required to have insurance. If a car is involved in a traffic accident, vandalism or natural disasters, a representative of the insurance company analyses the damage. He gives an estimate of the damage. After that, a verdict is given – to repair the vehicle or send it to scrap yard.

The insurance for damaged auto is paid only if the status “cannot be restored” is given. The car is transported to a junkyard. Such procedure happens only if the price to restore the damaged vehicle is close to the cost of the car itself.

If the owner of a broken down car wants to do some repairs and sell the car illegally later on, he will not be able to, since auto-repair services cost a lot of money. Under U.S. law, there is a great penalty for such an action.

Types of junkyard cars in the USA
Dumpsters in the U.S. are divided into two types:

Full – service. It works according to the principle – come and take what you want. Such scrap yards have their own database. Thanks to this, the buyer does not have to wait for an answer about the availability of the necessary car or auto part. For convenience, there is a special site with a search engine. Such service is available, but it is expensive.
Self – service. This service is self-service, without help of service personnel, without database, without tools. There is one price list for all models. Cheap and sulfurous.
Why is self-service junkyard cheaper than full service? Broken cars and parts are not expensive, and human labor is of great value in America. The difference between the two reaches 3 to 4 times.

Large-scale junkyards in America
One of the big places for storing used cars is Old Car City, located in Atlanta.

As the story goes: a major entrepreneur in the mid-20th century, created an auto junkyard in this city. In addition to used cars, a lot of scrapped special vehicles, motorcycles and buses were brought in.

Throughout the existence of the dump, the exact number of vehicles is uncertain. Thus came the large and famous Old Car City, which is located on 14 hectares of land.

When the entrepreneur died, the inheritance passed to his son. The heir turned out to be enterprising and continued his father’s business, while making adjustments. The junkyard became a fee. Currently, the cost of admission is $25.

The second most famous auto junkyard, which is located in America, is called the M&M auto salvage. It mainly functions as an auto salvage yard. Many American car enthusiasts often buy parts for cars.

M&M auto salvage is a salvage yard for damaged vehicles that belongs to the United States Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Vehicles after accidents are taken to this site. A lot of cars are metal trash. Also there are cars in decent condition.

At such a junkyard, you can buy auto parts in excellent condition (new) as well as cars with minimal damage. Because of this, M&M auto salvage is considered one of the best auto junkyards in the world.

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