Airbags. Everything you need to know about them

Although we pay attention when buying a car, how many airbags are in the car, but during operation we completely forget about them. Is this fair? Do the pillows have the durability specified by the manufacturer? Do they require periodic review? How to check for airbags in a used car? What shenanigans do car dealers resort to to disguise a faulty or dismantled airbag? Cars with and without airbags can be recycled under the program cash for scrap cars gta.

Airbags are car equipment that we can afford. Meanwhile, our life can depend on their respective actions! Given the advanced age of many of the machines equipped with this system, it is worth considering whether any of the components can fail to obey. Does the bag with a pillow break over time, does the activation system break like any other electronic part of the car, or maybe the gas generator has a certain lifespan?

The container itself, the bag of the pillow is made of very strong synthetic materials (often mixed with cotton), the durability of which is many times greater than the durability of the car itself. And what about the activation system itself and the gas generator? Car dismantling factories are also most often responsible for recycling airbags.

In informal conversations, the manufacturer admits that old pillows are almost 100% effective. Only a few pieces in a hundred do not work, and this is most often in cars that could easily be accessed by moisture. If the car was operated in the usual way, that is, it was not flooded, not repaired, the service life of the pillows is not limited in time.

Engineers once determined the lifespan of airbags from 10 to 15 years, often placing signs on the body indicating the date the airbags were replaced. When manufacturers realized that pillows had much greater durability, they abandoned these records. According to independent experts, in vehicles where the above recommendations are found, such a replacement may not be performed.

There is another and rather marginal opinion that the abolition of the mandatory replacement of the airbag is a purely marketing procedure. The manufacturer does not want to frighten the potential client in advance by replacing expensive components, therefore, as in the case of oil, long-life eliminates the need for replacement, knowing that in ten years the responsibility for a faulty airbag will only be illusory. However, this is not confirmed in recycled, even extremely aged airbags, which are deployed with almost 100% efficiency.

What if the airbag explodes during an accident? How much does it cost to replace components? Unfortunately, professional repairs are not cheap. The mechanic must replace the bag with the gas generator, replace or restore all elements of the dashboard destroyed during the explosion, replace the seat belts with tensioners. In any service station, all this is not cheap.

Due to the high cost of repairs, there are “master classes” on cheating electronics in order to get rid of unwanted system malfunctions for fraudsters. The easiest way to simulate correct operation of an airbag lamp is to connect it to the power supply for the ABS indicator, oil pressure or battery charge.

Airbags are equipment in a car that we often do not pay attention to. Meanwhile, our life can depend on their respective actions! After such a procedure, the airbag indicator goes out some time after the ignition is turned on, signaling a false correct operation of the system. This scam is fairly easy to expose by connecting the car to a diagnostic computer at an authorized service center. Unfortunately, scammers also use more sophisticated methods.

Fraudsters, inserting a resistor of the appropriate value, deceive the chip, so that even a check by a diagnostic computer will not check for a fictitious one. According to the specialist, the only sure way to check is to dismantle the dashboard and physically check the system. This is not a cheap procedure, so car owners rarely choose it. Therefore, the only reasonable check is to assess the safety, the general condition of the vehicle, and possibly the specific source of purchase of the vehicle.

In conclusion, according to most experts, pillows do not have a specific shelf life, so even the oldest, as long as the car has been used under normal conditions, should effectively protect us in the event of a collision. When buying a used car, in addition to assessing its accident-free performance, it is worth conducting computer diagnostics in order to reduce the likelihood of buying a car with a used airbag.

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