How to dry-clean a car yourself

If you want to provide complete care for your car, it is necessary to carry out dry cleaning of its interior in a timely manner and read what to do before scrapping a car. After all, not only the body Continue Reading

Chip tuning: myths and reality

Even the most unremarkable car can be turned into a real rocket through “chip tuning” and machinery cash – increasing the power of the power unit, as well as improving its fuel efficiency. This type of revision is the most Continue Reading

Timely repair of running gear

The foundation of any modern vehicle, of course, is its running gear, without which the movement is impossible in principle. It is this part of the vehicle takes on all the charms of the road surface, trying to make the Continue Reading

The advantages of alloy wheels

What are the advantages of alloy wheels and scrap cars etobicoke? This question is asked by all beginner car enthusiasts. Let’s consider the advantages of such disks. The driving safety and, consequently, the driver’s safety directly depends on the disks Continue Reading


Many people think about how to save on gasoline, because money is not superfluous. Some motorists solve this issue radically by installing HBO on their car and switching to gas fuel. Also, many people think about cash for scrap cars Continue Reading